Happify Health: Mental Health and Wellness Technology

Happify Health gives employers, health care payers and others the evidence-based programs they need to help fight stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms; build greater resilience; and achieve greater health and productivity for their populations.
Who we are
We are scientists, researchers, health care clinicians, and digital & gaming experts who are passionate about helping people improve their emotional health and live their best lives.
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Happify offers digital behavior change solutions to help organizations address the challenges of stress, anxiety and depressive symptoms, and reduce their impact on productivity, engagement, burnout and health.
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How we work
Through a unique collaboration of industry-leading experts and technology, we have created a digital platform that enables science through the power of play to help people achieve greater emotional health.
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What makes us different
Our unique ability to blend gaming, science, people and technology to create personalized experiences that are highly engaging and effective is what makes us stand apart.
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Our results
From peer-reviewed studies to personal testimonials, the Happify platform is backed by a growing body of evidence that it can deliver on its goal to enhance emotional health and improve people’s lives.
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