What we offer: Employers

86% experience improvement within 2 months with regular use1
Over 40% stay active after 6 months2
Compared to control group3
Through its award-winning, consumer experience platform, Happify, we help employees develop the necessary skills to thrive in today’s workplace environment.
Happify can help employees:
  • Build resilience and cope better with stress
  • Use mindfulness techniques for greater focus and reduced anxiety
  • Increase engagement and persevere despite setbacks

Emotional Resilience & Well-being Solutions for Employers

Emotional Resilience and Well-being Solutions for Employers

With over 3 million users, Happify already is a premier destination for tools and activities that support stronger resilience and better emotional health. The Happify platform offers flexibility and can be scaled and configured to meet your organization’s needs.
A robust set of core services provide employees with 24/7 access to:
  • Over 60 science-based programs covering a wide range of topics
  • Over 2,500 variations of games and activities grounded in tested interventions from positive psychology, mindfulness-based stress reduction and cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Over 300 guided meditation audio tracks
  • Daily inspiration & motivation
  • Community support
  • Reminders & notifications
Happify at Work
Happify can have a positive impact on how employees develop the skills they need to thrive in the work place. Hear a few of their stories.
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Behavioral Health Solutions for Employers

Employers that want to go further to proactively help employees who may be at risk for emotional health challenges like depression and anxiety can easily integrate Happify to connect to other benefit resources and referral programs.

Comprehensive program support for employers

Through rigorous testing, we have optimized our user experience, including communication and outreach. As a result, we understand what it takes to engage individuals and keep them coming back. Included with every Happify implementation is a robust suite of tools that takes you successfully from launch through ongoing communications.