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Happify Health, a SoHo-based company that offers a digital mental health and wellness platform, has received $9 million from Minneapolis-based TT Capital Partners as it looks to sell its service to more employers and health plans.


App Aims to Make Employees Happier

“Employee emotional health has a huge impact on productivity and effectiveness of the company,” says Ofer Leidner, co-founder and president of Happify and a 2017 recipient of an EBN Benefits Technology Innovator Award.

Today Show

Happify on "TODAY"

On The Today Show, Mario Armstrong demonstrates the Uplift game from the Happify app, which combines science and mindfulness to help reduce negative thoughts and feelings.


Benefits Technology Innovators

Leidner helped create Happify, which aims to disrupt the mental health space by providing a digital platform that helps employees understand the source of their feelings.


How to Think Positive Every Day

Ever imagined an app to ‘happify’ ourselves. An app to delight ourselves and brighten our day? Then try Happify, an app designed specially for us to handle our negative emotions.

7 Apps and Programs That Will Reduce Office Stress

Learning how to deal with stress is a skill, and Happify helps develop this skill. Through evidence-based techniques, Happify helps users understand the source of their feelings. Then, it teaches how to turn negative feelings into positive ones.


Why Wellness Should Be a Year-Long Resolution

Happify's CEO, Tomer Ben-Kiki, writes: While it’s great to focus organizational goodwill around the beginning of a new year, our experience working with large corporate clients and more than 3 million individuals points to a few key components which are critical for your program’s success.

This Is How You're Failing Millennials in the Workplace

Recent research of more than 250,000 people, conducted by Happify and published in the Harvard Business Review in July, indicates that millennials tend to have a negative outlook when it comes to their career and their future. Is this just another example of millennials feeling entitled, or are employers part of the problem?


Why Your Late Twenties is the Worst Time of Your Life

At Happify, our data science team looked at various psychological indicators of some 88,000 people who joined our service during 2015. We found evidence both for the prominence of the quarter-life crisis and for the rise in well-being that follows it.


Happify Launches Enterprise Business: Happify Health

Announcing the launch of our enterprise-focused business, Happify Health. Through Happify Health, Happify will expand its evidence-based, highly engaging digital behavior interventions platform to large healthcare providers and employers.


13 Of the Best Apps to Manage Your Stress

A brain-training app based on research showing that some types of activity can help you combat negativity, anxiety and stress while fostering positive traits like gratitude and empathy.

New York Business Journal

In 'App Economy,' Here's How N.Y.C. Challenges Silicon Valley

While app makers across the United States are featured in the report, its author noted in an email to New York Business Journal why our local economy in particular thrived in 2015 — a year that saw the global app economy hit the $120 billion mark.


5 Apps That Want to Make You Happier

Stress wreaks nearly as much havoc on our physical well-being as it does on our mental state, but do we actually have to be happy in order to be healthy? The answer is a resounding yes.

SciTech Now

Ofer Leidner on His Wellness App, Happify

These days there are apps for just about everything, but for happiness? Ofer Leidner, tech entrepreneur and co-founder of the so-called emotional fitness platform Happify, discusses the growing industry of wellness apps.


14 Things Heart Doctors Tell Their Friends

Chronic daily stress ups blood pressure and can lead to depression and anxiety. Have dinner with your girlfriends or listen to music. I use apps: Happify, which has daily gratitude activities, is a good one.


10 Amazing Tools For Brain Enhancement

Negative thoughts can really affect your overall brain performance. This is a site that will help you turn those negative thoughts into positive ones, which will help you to become a much happier person. The personalized tracks are extremely effective, and can do a lot for you.


5 Habits for a Happier, More Productive Team After a Long Holiday

Happify is a company that teaches people how to live happier lives through science-based games and activities. Happify suggests five specific things you can do when you get back to the office after a holiday that will help your team--and you--quickly re-engage and get back in the swing of things.

CBS news

Tips to Boost Your Body Confidence, Health and Happiness

Rather than watching the number on the scale and being unhappy about it, developing a more positive body image could be better for your long-term well-being. Happify's infographic has more ideas for boosting your body confidence.


Apps to Train Your Brain: Tech Minute

Happify wants to help you achieve a happier state of mind. You can work on areas like stress, empathy, and self-confidence through mini games and guided meditations.

Daily Beast

Meditation for the Busy Bee

Establishing a meditation routine can be difficult. You’re busy! Who has time to breathe, let alone sit and breathe? But if you think the only way you’ll learn how to meditate is with a 25-hour day, think again.

Ivanka Trump

A Cheat Sheet for #WomenWhoWork

This app, which feels more like a game, is based on scientific research to the effect that focusing on positive and happy words and images can actually boost your outlook and well-being.


App Helps Teach Happiness Skills

Can playing on your computer or mobile device make you happy? The creators of Happify, an online “gym for your soul”, certainly think so. The virtual tool is designed to make you better at being happy.


We Tried It: 5 Stress-Relief Apps That Actually Work

We can't always justify slipping away for an hour for a guided class. But, we can't use a busy day as an excuse to ignore self-care. If anything, those are the days we need it most. So, with the help of our trusty smartphones, we'll find a way to steal a few minutes for ourselves.

Live Happy

Happify Helps with the Heavy Lifting

Boosting your happiness is hard work. Happify.com is committed to spotting you on your wellbeing workout, and their support is backed by science.